The Chilab Design Studio is a multidisciplinary collaboration that focuses on creating hand crafted luxury from the everyday.


The EverYday

Sometimes, a classic design simply works. Statements of utility, of practicality, of use are all sources of inspiration. The juxtaposition of craft with mid-western industrial spirit is a central theme running throughout our work.

The Unique

In an age of mass production and mass consumption, we find beauty and perfection in the in-precise nature of the hand made. Every object carries with it a history of its use, its time, its place. Our handcrafted designs carry with them a history of their make.

The Experimental

ChiLab is very much a think tank. We choose to explore, to play, to investigate new materials and processes. At any given time we have a number of projects that range from the technological to the conceptual. We see the studio as a design laboratory, hence we are... ChiLab.