Caste in solid bronze... 

the Unfolding Chair takes a second look at what might be the most common chair ever made.


The 1941 Steel Folding Chair by Kruger Metal Products was designed with utility and economy in mind.  Originally created with excess metal from steel companies, the lightweight design's ability to fold and nest made it perfect for temporary or shifting and congregational assemblies as well as everyday use. Commonly sold for two dollars, this design has become one of the most under-featured ubiquitous chairs of the 20th century.

By producing the image of this chair in solid bronze and removing its ability to fold and nest, the designers deconstruct the brilliance of its inception by trading the design's functional value for a material one, thus unfolding the design.

Denying functionality, the object becomes the sculptural image of the chair, thereby establishing that image into history via the undoing of that which made it so prolific to begin with.

Inspired by the ubiquitous aluminum clip light, the Boolean Lamp seeks to find luxury in the everyday. 

boolean lamp_chilab1

Through an elevation of material and a collaboration with skilled artisans, the Boolean Lamp is the result of an iterative design process.

Each piece is hand blown by glass artisans in Chicago. The subtle variations in color, texture and shape make each lamp unique while maintaining a consistency of the utmost quality.

The Boolean lamp can be hung as a pendant or used as a table light. Glass color variations include smoke, umber, and light blue. Bases available in cast concrete, aluminum, or acrylic.  

chilab_boolean lamp_process
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The Dibs Chair


As in many places where the winters are cold, the snow gets deep, and parking is at a premium, Chicago has a tradition collectively known as the "Dibs Chair." Often the dibs chair is a broken or disused chair placed in a shoveled out parking spot to reserve its use by said shoveler. A blight to some, a right to others, for Chicagoans the Dibs chair is as much a symbol of the winter as is the wind. Contributing to this tradition, and perhaps the conversation, Chilab offers its own cheeky  take on the Dibs Chair, or as we have come to call it... Le Dibs Chaise.